Roger Green, M.B.A., Host & Executive Producer

Roger Green, M.B.A., Host & Producer

HEP Dynamics LLC,

Roger Green, M.B.A., Host & Producer

RG+A, founded in 1991, provides Market Research, forecasting and strategic support services to biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics companies. In recent years, RG+A has worked with translational diagnostics companies and digital AI firms on market development and education. Hep Dynamics, founded in 2020, provides strategic support on commercialization issues for drug and diagnostics companies in the liver and rare disease markets. Hep Dynamics specializes in devising innovative strategies to identify the niches and messages that maximize opportunities for developmental products and helping clients identify key activities to realize these opportunities. Also, Hep Dynamics sponsors Surfing the NASH Tsunami, a weekly podcast in which a panel of experts discusses commercial developments and challenges in the global NASH market.

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