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S4-42 - EASL SLD Summit 2023

S4-42 – EASL SLD Summit 2023

Surfing NASH reviews the 2023 EASL SLD Summit in two interview sessions with meeting faculty members Sven Francque and Hannes Hagström. Co-host Jörn Schattenberg joins both conversations as a fellow presenter while Louise Campbell and Roger Green inject thought-provoking questions and perspectives to elicit a succinct snapshot of the event for our listeners.

S4-41.6 - From the Vault: Highlights from Paris NASH 2021

S4-41.6 – From the Vault: Highlights from Paris NASH 2021

In this episode From the Vault, Jörn Schattenberg joins Stephen Harrison and Roger Green to review some highlights from the 2021 Paris NASH meeting, an event with exciting scientific messages and insights. This episode has played out to be by far the most downloaded segment in the podcast’s history!

S4-41.3 - Laurent Castera on the FDA's NIT Workshop

S4-41.3 – Laurent Castera on the FDA’s NIT Workshop

In this conversation, the Surfers are joined by Laurent Castera to discuss the recent FDA workshop for NIT development. Laurent focuses on why this workshop is important within its context of being hosted by the FDA and what that means for researchers and stakeholders across the globe. He also dives into the complexities of hepatocellular ballooning and its potential impact on patients receiving NASH pharmacotherapy.

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