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Mazen Noureddin's Two Big Things

S2-E48.1 – Mazen Noureddin’s Two Big Things

Mazen Noureddin joins Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to close our series of “Biggest Stories of NASH Summer.” In this conversation, Stephen Harrison provides an image to suggest the enormity of the coming NASH pandemic and Mazen identifies his two biggest stories of summer.

S2-E44.3 – COVID-19 And Fatty Liver: Areas for Confusion and Policy Discord

Donna Cryer joins the Surfers to discuss how the COVID-19 Delta Variant is affecting Fatty Liver Disease in 2021. This conversation focuses on vaccine confusion (taking the flu vaccine, the meaning of full approval) and the importance of global COVID-19 vaccine equity and policies that support it.

S2-E40 – Discussing Comprehensive Care Models For NAFLD

Lead author Jeffrey Lazarus and co-author Jörn Schattenberg join the Surfers to discuss their recent paper, “Defining Comprehensive Models of Care for NAFLD.” In this vitally important paper, the authors researched care models around the world to find the ones that work best, and then developed eight foundational recommendations for co-ordinated NAFLD care centers.

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